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  • IF801 Face fingerprint lock
  • IF801 Face fingerprint lock
  • IF801 Face fingerprint lock

Product Name:IF801 Face fingerprint lock

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      face,Phantom  pass word Card a total of 100 sets,Points iron door,Wooden door Left right away
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    Aluminum alloy
    Standby voltage 9V (DC)
    Application Wooden, Glass,Metal, Fireproof door
    Operating ambient temperature -20 ℃ -60 ℃


    1.Can be customized APP remote unlock remote record query and other functions

    2.Working voltage: 4 5 # alkaline batteries (4.5-6.5V that is four dry batteries)

    3.Fingerprint sensor: the latest semiconductor identification technology

    4.Fingerprint password: a total of 105 administrators 10 groups of ordinary users 90 groups of temporary users 5 groups

    5.Credit card function: 13.56MHZ (IC) credit card

    6.Chip origin: foreign imports

    7.Fingerprint: Fingerprint / Password / Key / Remote

    8.Battery life: more than 5000 times (standby for one year)

    9.Material: aluminum alloy

    10 .Fingerprint speed: within 0.3 seconds of response

    11. Applicable door type: wood, steel, iron, copper door

    12. Alarm voltage: 5.0V (tolerance 0.2v)

    13.Cylinder level: super C-level anti-theft lock core

    14.Rejection rate: <0.15

    15. OLED screen: 500 DPI

    16. Anti-lock function: Yes

    17. Quiescent current: less than 50 microamps (battery life up to a year or more)

    18.Standby voltage: 9V (DC)

    19.Operating ambient temperature: -20 ℃ -60 ℃

    20.Applicable door thickness: 40-110mm beyond the custom